Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day to Day Happenings

Lots of randomness again today.  We've got some friends in town helping us with our bathroom remodel.  So, here are some pictures from this past week.

There was a kid at Z's school this week that had lice (not in his class though).  Which means Z wore his hair up all week.  He HATED it!

His little curls sure are sweet!

The kids pulled their stools up next to each other to watch The Fox & the Hound.

Good morning, Josephine!!

Z had his his quiet time in his room to color pictures for me.

We picked up some new shoes for A (can't believe she's in a six already!), & Nordstrom gave the kids balloons.  So, naturally Z attached them to the propellers on his airplane.

I'm going to finish this post off strong with a picture of a bearded french fry.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Botanical Goodness

Yesterday we met up with some friends, & went to the WOW Children's Garden at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.  It was amazing!  We had the whole place to ourselves.  None of us were prepared for the fountains.  But within about thirty seconds of crossing the threshold, all three kids were stripped down to their skivvies, & splashing away.

Z was too quick for me to catch with my phone...

But my friend Cathy got some great pictures of him.

(Photo cred Cathy from

These kids are so cute together.  Z leads the pack, & the girls watch his every move & do whatever he does.

There may have even been some happy dance action from Z when he got to the big fountain.

A ate it pretty hard on the concrete, & got clingy for awhile.  She's got some nice rosies to show from it today.

Ending the day with our feet in the fountains.

Well, actually we ended the day with both kids throwing tantrums.  But, I'm trying to forget about that.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun With A

These are just some random pictures of A from the last few days.

She is very adamant about picking out her own clothes now.  She picked out every last bit of this outfit.

Then she found a permanent marker in my purse.  Crap!  I forgot to take the picture before I started cleanup.  She was a mess.

We went to get bagels for breakfast one morning.  She tried to spread the cream cheese on by herself.

Napoleon is such a good sport.  He may be a pain in the butt, but he is so good to the kids.  A likes to take my dish towels, & put them on the pups.  The poor dogs will walk around for hours wearing the towels like blankets.  This particular evening she covered Napoleon up, & then tried to force feed him his food.  He just stood there while A shoved his face in the bowl.  She means well.

This morning she woke up late, & didn't get dressed until Z was at school.  Then, she refused to get dressed, so she ran around like this for an hour or so.

She is such a funny kid.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Miracle of All Miracles!

Sweet baby Jesus!  Z ate his entire dinner!  This is a huge deal.  It consisted of marinated chicken kabobs, roasted carrots, roasted broccoli, & rice.  HE ATE BROCCOLI & CARROTS!!  He hasn't eaten veggies in TWO years!  We've relied on "green juice" mixed with carrot juice & protein drinks to get him his veggies.  I cannot even begin to tell you how exciting this is!

Here he is last night eating his french fry with a giant pair of tongs.

In other news, he informed me that his poop looked like a snake.  He is so much like his Uncle B, it's not even funny.  I sat him on the potty, went in the other room for a moment, & before I knew it heard, "Hey, Moma! Come look at my poo!"  He laughed so hard.  Oh, the joys of being a mother to a little boy.

I'm so proud.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Parks and Rec.

This morning T headed out nice & early to get a few things for the bathroom.  While he was out, the rest of us got ready to head to the park.  I was hoping to keep the kids out of his hair, so that he could get a lot done on the bathroom.  Z looked so cute with his legs sticking out like this.

A &  the pups stayed perched at the door keeping a look out for T.

He came bearing gifts!  Two little balsa wood airplanes.  They were perfect for a trip to the park.

The kids tried so hard to get them to fly.

Most of the time they just made airplane noises while they ran around in circles.

Then, we headed over to the playground.  There was a nice playground in the shade just for the little ones.

We've got a  couple of little monkeys on our hands.

A has to do EVERYTHING Z does.

They loved this little tube thing.  I would talk to them from the other end, & they would yell back to me.  They stood so contently waiting for a response while I took this picture.  They had no idea I had even walked away.

We finished off the day with under doggies on the swings.

We then headed home for some more airplane play with Dada.  It may have included T launching a plane off the roof.  I love weekends.


Saturday Fun

Saturday started out with T fixing A's hair again.  It was much calmer this time.  She now has a princess backpack, & has to bring toys with us every time we leave the house.

T sent us on a "treasure hunt" to find a gas can.  He drew Z a picture, so that he could find it him self.

We got to eat lunch outside on the patio.

While Z was on the swing, I gave A a M&M.  He didn't know that I had brought any outside.  When she walked over by him with her messy mouth, he yelled to me, "Moma!  Adalae eating poo!!"

Z is such a little hippie.

This post is a jumbled mess, because I cut out all of the tantrums.  You're welcome.


A Day Off... Almost

T had Friday off work, & offered to take Z to school so I could sleep in.  You don't have to ask me twice!  Sleeping in is such a treat now days.  It's actually rather pathetic.

After school, he took the kids to lunch to give me the afternoon to myself.  I haven't had a break in quite some time.  It was great, & the kids had so much fun.

Then they went & played at the beach.

When the got back, A took a nice long nap, & Z told me all about their day.  They saw a little crab at the beach.  He was too fast for Z to catch him.

While A was napping, I started cooking dinner.  T pulled her out of her crib when she woke up, & I was surprised when she came around the corner.

T had fixed her hair.  He opened the drawer, & let her pick out a barrette.  Actually, he let her pick out four.  And, he put them all in her hair.

She was so excited about it.

It was an awesome day!