Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

We had a great weekend just spending some time together.  On Sunday, we got to take T to the zoo.  We've been going at least one to two times a week since we moved, but he hasn't got to go with us until now.  The kids had fun, as usual.  They absolutely love seeing the animals.

The tigers are one of our favorites.  They like when they pace back & forth.

On of the tigers went for a swim right when we walked around the corner.  Z flipped out!  He could not stop squealing.  The other kids kept flashing him looks as he would scream, "SCARY TIGER!! RARR!"  It was hysterical.

Here he is trying to play it cool.

A little later, we got to see the other tiger up close as well.  They are huge.

I love this picture.  Z is always trying to take care of A.

These things are great.  I don't care what's on the front.  If you can stick your face in it for a picture, its funny.

I have tried ALL summer to get the kids to sit on this stupid rhino, & all it took was one suggestion from T, & they got all giddy about it.

I even got them both to look at the camera!


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