Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Day for Dead Bugs

Z & I spent a gorgeous afternoon outside while A took a nice long nap.  We had a busy day running around, & had lunch with some new friends.  It was so nice to have time with just Z.

He started out on the dilapidated swing set left by the pervious owners of our house, but then I found a dead cicada.

Z is especially great at finding bugs.  Quite often he'll drop a wiggling bug right in my hand.  So, we were very excited to find such a large bug to check out.

I even got him to touch the wings!

Not five minutes later, we found two dead hornets.  Z thought the yellow spots on their backs were pretty great.

We had a blast just hanging out, & enjoying some cooler weather.  I can't wait until it's cool enough for jackets!

In our backyard we have an abundance of acorns.  They are beyond obnoxious.  So, when I saw this on Pintrest, I immediately saw us launching acorns off the deck.

It took about two seconds to make.  I already had everything in the house.  And, talk about fun!!

It occupied Z for like fifteen minutes straight (which is a big deal for him).  He even came back to play with it two or three more times.  The pups LOVED trying to catch the acorns, & I got in about forty-five minutes of target practice at them.  It was so awesome.


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