Friday, September 14, 2012

A day in the life

 So, A & I decided to share a smoothie on our way to the store.  Z was already at school, which means we'd both get a little more.  He's a smoothie hog.  It turns out getting it to go was a bad idea...

The kids love to play in the toy section at Target.  I tried to get A to carry a doll in this little carseat, but she tossed it aside & hopped in herself.

We found this creepy little friend in the hallway.  I think he came from underneath the house.  The hall bathroom currently has no floor.  So, I'm guessing he came in under the door.

We trapped him under a glass to check him out before we flushed him.  We had some friends over just after I found him.  Our baby friend (also an A) tried to free the spider a few times, which induced a lot of screams (mainly from the momas).

A has now decided that she needs to sit on the potty.  She hasn't gone yet, but she's been asking to sit on it a lot now.

I got the kids some funny glasses for their dress up bin.  Z thought they were so funny.  When I was putting his jammies on him, he put the glasses on, & ran around naked for like twenty minutes.  I absolutely love this sweet little face.


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