Thursday, September 27, 2012

Botanical Goodness

Yesterday we met up with some friends, & went to the WOW Children's Garden at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.  It was amazing!  We had the whole place to ourselves.  None of us were prepared for the fountains.  But within about thirty seconds of crossing the threshold, all three kids were stripped down to their skivvies, & splashing away.

Z was too quick for me to catch with my phone...

But my friend Cathy got some great pictures of him.

(Photo cred Cathy from

These kids are so cute together.  Z leads the pack, & the girls watch his every move & do whatever he does.

There may have even been some happy dance action from Z when he got to the big fountain.

A ate it pretty hard on the concrete, & got clingy for awhile.  She's got some nice rosies to show from it today.

Ending the day with our feet in the fountains.

Well, actually we ended the day with both kids throwing tantrums.  But, I'm trying to forget about that.


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