Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day to Day Happenings

Lots of randomness again today.  We've got some friends in town helping us with our bathroom remodel.  So, here are some pictures from this past week.

There was a kid at Z's school this week that had lice (not in his class though).  Which means Z wore his hair up all week.  He HATED it!

His little curls sure are sweet!

The kids pulled their stools up next to each other to watch The Fox & the Hound.

Good morning, Josephine!!

Z had his his quiet time in his room to color pictures for me.

We picked up some new shoes for A (can't believe she's in a six already!), & Nordstrom gave the kids balloons.  So, naturally Z attached them to the propellers on his airplane.

I'm going to finish this post off strong with a picture of a bearded french fry.


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