Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun With A

These are just some random pictures of A from the last few days.

She is very adamant about picking out her own clothes now.  She picked out every last bit of this outfit.

Then she found a permanent marker in my purse.  Crap!  I forgot to take the picture before I started cleanup.  She was a mess.

We went to get bagels for breakfast one morning.  She tried to spread the cream cheese on by herself.

Napoleon is such a good sport.  He may be a pain in the butt, but he is so good to the kids.  A likes to take my dish towels, & put them on the pups.  The poor dogs will walk around for hours wearing the towels like blankets.  This particular evening she covered Napoleon up, & then tried to force feed him his food.  He just stood there while A shoved his face in the bowl.  She means well.

This morning she woke up late, & didn't get dressed until Z was at school.  Then, she refused to get dressed, so she ran around like this for an hour or so.

She is such a funny kid.


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