Sunday, September 23, 2012

Parks and Rec.

This morning T headed out nice & early to get a few things for the bathroom.  While he was out, the rest of us got ready to head to the park.  I was hoping to keep the kids out of his hair, so that he could get a lot done on the bathroom.  Z looked so cute with his legs sticking out like this.

A &  the pups stayed perched at the door keeping a look out for T.

He came bearing gifts!  Two little balsa wood airplanes.  They were perfect for a trip to the park.

The kids tried so hard to get them to fly.

Most of the time they just made airplane noises while they ran around in circles.

Then, we headed over to the playground.  There was a nice playground in the shade just for the little ones.

We've got a  couple of little monkeys on our hands.

A has to do EVERYTHING Z does.

They loved this little tube thing.  I would talk to them from the other end, & they would yell back to me.  They stood so contently waiting for a response while I took this picture.  They had no idea I had even walked away.

We finished off the day with under doggies on the swings.

We then headed home for some more airplane play with Dada.  It may have included T launching a plane off the roof.  I love weekends.


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