Saturday, September 15, 2012

While the Cat is Away, the Mice Will Play

T was out of town for a few days this week, & Z was very out of sorts about it.  Z off his normal sleep schedule = BAD BAD BAD!!!  It made for very long days with no relief.  By Friday things were getting much better.  We had our breakfast on the front porch before taking Z to school.  I love doing little things like that with the kids.  They really have a blast switching things up every now & then.  Auntie J visited a few weeks ago, & brought this cute little dress that she made for A.  It looks so sweet on her!

We're still working on sharing with A.

At a stop sign, on our way to the store, Z spotted this little hole.  He yelled from the back seat, "Look!! A mouse's home!!"  He could barely contain his excitement.  So, we had to pull over to take a picture.

After the store, we headed home.  Z found a bag of "spicy chips" which signaled the end of a healthy snack.  A, being the goofball that she is, had to do this:

It's not a party till someone puts a bag of chips on their head...

I'm glad T is finally home again.  It's been a long week.


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