Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rough Day

Z had the day off school yesterday.  He didn't like that T still had to go to work.  The kids basically spent all but two hours out of the day screaming.  It was awesome terrible.  We got to go on a nice long walk.  It was one of our peaceful hours.  They asked to face each, & talked the whole time.

One of our neighbor's cats was wandering about, & decided to join us on our walk.  He went about a block with us before turning back to his house.  But, not before trying to hop in the stroller with the kids.

A thinks everything is a hat.  I swear, she'll put just about anything on her head.

Z had to sit just like Dada during snack time.

Overall, it was a pretty crapy day.  Thank goodness today was better.

We'll be participating in the kids clothes week challenge this year.  Come join in on the fun!  If you don't have kids, you can sew something for mine.  Head over to elsiemarley to sign up.


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