Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Z's Room

Z's room is coming right along.  His is probably the most complete in the whole house.  I thought I'd post some pictures, & A thought she'd photo bomb the whole time.

The other day, T pulled all of the carpet out.  I was pretty smelly from our wonderful pup, Napoleon.  His room had some awesome hardwood floors hiding underneath the carpet.  We need to put some sort of varnish on it.   Eventually we'll refinish all the hardwoods. 

I just picked out the paint color for his bed.  It will look a lot better once it's painted, & I finish his quilt.

I recovered this old stool a few weeks ago to use as a makeshift nightstand.  

The desk is going to get a paint job, & possibly a peg board above it.

These comic books were in my grandma's basement.  Z likes to talk about the bad guy on the Batman one.

The closet doors were broken when we moved in, so we just took them off.  I'm not sure if we'll put up new doors, or just make a curtain.

T found a long bow in the shed out back (it's in the corner of this picture).  It is way cool.  He cleaned it up a bit.  I think we'll hang it above the closet.

A thoroughly enjoyed jumping & rolling around on the bed.

T painted the picture above the dresser.

That little red lamp is probably the coolest I've ever found.  It pretty much glows when you turn it on.  The dresser is a craigslist find.  I'm going to paint it bright green.  Hopefully I'll get on that sometime this week.

This is the most unfinished wall.  I'm going to put up a floating shelf for all of Z's banks.  He has a thing for banks.  It will go up with a few more pictures that are hiding in his closet right now.  I'd like to build him a little wooden toy box, but who knows when I'll get around to doing that.

My friend Johnny painted this in high school.  I've always liked it.

There is still a ton of work to do in here, but I really like it so far.


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