Thursday, October 4, 2012

Busy Tuesday

Tuesday was packed full of fun.

The goofballs had to wear their sunglasses on the way to school.

While Z was at school, A & I headed out to the zoo for story time. She loved this statue.  I'd pat his nose like he was a dog, & she would laugh & laugh.  We even got to see a live pancake tortoise at Zoo Tales. 

After school, We headed out to Target.  While I was pulling A out of her seat, Z got ahold of some M&Ms.  He shoved as many as he could in his mouth before I caught him.  He was oozing blue & green throughout the whole store.

Usually A rides in the cart, but lately she's been wanting to walk.  She tends to be a bit of a wild one, so her walking the whole time is a pretty big deal.  When I told them to stick close, Z asked A to hold hands.

Sweetest picture ever.

Once home, it was time to paint.  I think Z likes to paint even more than he likes monster trucks.  He would paint every day if he could.

A is a hot mess.

Z is so serious about his paintings.  Almost every one is all red.  It's his favorite color.   We also painted some pumpkins.  More about those later.

A dumped out all of the bath toys, & climbed in.

Z spent the evening "fishing."  He had found a shoelace, & tied it to an ink pen.  It was so funny hearing him yell, "I got a big one!"


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