Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Finally Feels Like Fall

We had a great weekend!  T's friends came in town, & helped out with the bathroom renovations.  They made a lot of progress.  Even helped take a load to the dump.

Most of my weekend was spent keeping the kids out of the hallway.  We found a bunch of little things to do.  Like building a bridge for Z's cars.

Or standing on our heads.

Or putting the mesh bags from our little pumpkins on our heads.

The kids LOVED the little pumpkins.  A gave them tons of kisses. She's such a girl.

We made a few of them look like funny vampires.  Of corse, when I cut the mouths, I made them puke out the seeds.  I'll spare you those pictures.

The kids loved the funny teeth as well.

Z looks like such a big kid here.  (Total mom gush; I could cry.  Geeze.)

A couldn't quite get the hang of the teeth.  But, she enjoyed them none the less.

There was also a hat parade.  T was packing (has to leave again), so that meant the kids were simultaneously attempting to unpack him.  They kept running away with his hats, & ended up pulling out a few of their own as well.

Saying goodbye is never fun.  Thankfully there were no tears this time (first time ever!).

I'm ready for T to be home already.


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