Thursday, October 18, 2012

KCWC: Day 1

Kids Clothing Week Challenge!

Day 1: Freezer paper stencils

The kids were up too late, & I was ill prepared.  I thought the challenge was next week.  Oops!  Good thing I already had some shirts ready to go.

Simplicity was very important tonight.  The whole project took thirty minutes!  I used a ruler to get some straight lines, cut them out, & ironed them on.

Next came paint.  A picked out the colors last week.  Purple for her, & green for Z.  I wanted to do something big on his shirt, but it had a pocket & I was too tired.

I let them dry for a few minutes before pulling off the paper.

They turned out pretty cute for being so last minute.

*The kids were very excited to wear them on Tuesday, but A changed her clothes too quickly for me to get a picture of them together.  I'll get one eventually.


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