Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Monday Happenings

Monday was our first full day on our own again.  The days seem so much longer without T home.  It's like they just drag on.  Even the good days do.  It's just so different.

Z had his first sick day from school.  He was up all night coughing.  It was pitiful.  This is how he spent the bulk of the day.

A likes to think that she can do everything on her own now.  Including her shoes.

Then, she takes them off again, changes to sandals with her socks, & adds a hat to the mix.  There are about a million pictures of me as a kid exactly like this one.

I love when the sit together.

T thought he had lost his sunglasses.  Turns out, they had just been pushed under the couch.  Z found them, & didn't want to take them off.

Z still calls A a baby.  So, he thinks that she can still sit on his lap like she used to.  It won't be long, & she'll be bigger than him.

He spilled water all over his shirt, so of corse insisted on changing.  I asked him to go get a shirt from his room, & this is how he came back.  Way to keep it classy.

I busted my butt, & cleaned the back yard.  Still need to get a rake.  But, things are looking much better.

I love these little pots that Z painted.

Here's hoping this is a smooth month.


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