Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ugh Wednesday

This was an awful day.  Bad days always remind me of this.  Most of the crap & tantrums were not photographed, so this will highlight the good moments.  Well, one bad one may sneak in there, too.

A had some gnarly bed head.  Now that her hair is getting longer, it's starting to curl.

Have you ever heard of a calming jar?  We made some a few weeks ago.  They actually work, & the kids love them.

Here's how the story goes.  We were in the playroom.  The jars were on the table.  The kids were "cooking" for me at the kitchen set, while I set up a new layout for Thomas.  Z wanted A to sit down & eat whatever he had cooked for her, but she didn't want to.  Next thing I know, the jars have been thrown to the ground, & a glitter explosion was all over the carpet.

Hate is not a strong enough word to describe my disdain for glitter.  It's pretty, & girly, & makes all things fun.  I loath it.  It gets everywhere, it sticks to everything, & you can't even really vacuum it up.  Now add water & glass shards to that.  Yeah, I know.

My poor vacuum.

In other news, our pumpkins turned out very cute.  A painted the little one on the far left, & Z & I painted the rest.  I like that the big green looks like a giant pepper now.

I couldn't get the kids to look at me, so I asked Z if I had a "bat in the cave."  AKA- "do I have a booger in my nose?"  He thought that was so funny.

The pumpkins quickly became maracas, & fun was had by all.

A quick update on my vampire pumpkins.  They're now in the trash.  They started vomiting mold after only three days.

"You don't want to see me angry."


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