Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our Weekend

Saturday started off with a bang Napoleon sandwich.  A loves those pups more than anything else.  She is constantly giving them hugs & kisses.  I think they love her just as much.  Check out her cutie slippers.

We just had a lazy day relaxing around the house.  Both kids had colds all week, so it was nice to have a rest day for them to kind of get over it.  However, we did go out to rent a movie from Redbox for popcorn movie night (they had like three to choose from, & they all sucked).

She loves her sunglasses.

A spent the entire day pointing to her shirt saying, "SEE. SEE."  She had to show me the pup, & then give it a kiss.  It was her first time wearing this shirt.  It says "pugs & kisses" on it.  How fitting.

Z refused to stand by A for a picture.  But he was more than happy to climb up the outside of the railing to pose for his own picture.

Napoleon is such a turd.

I have been waiting for cooler weather so that A could wear this shirt!  It was my mom's shirt when she was a baby.  I'm not sure who made it for her, but it is by far my favorite shirt that I have for A.

This one just cracked me up for some reason.

He just has the sweetest little face.

Here they are all dressed for church.  Yesterday I collected some clothes that the kids have outgrown, & A helped herself to the bibs out of the tub.  They are such goofballs.

They made quite a mess before church.  A dumped two different puzzles (Z opened them for her).  I still haven't cleaned them up.

She tries so hard to put her tiara on herself.  It always ends up on the back of her head.

Here is the princess pushing around her babies.

We sat in the nursing babies room, because A won't stay in the nursery.  She made herself comfy in the bouncy chair.

Z makes me smile.  He came up to me this afternoon, & said, "Moma, make a happy smile like this."

I'm not sure what kind of face he was supposed to be making here, but he kept asking me to take his picture.

While all of those funny faces were being made, this is what A was doing.  I tried laying her down three times before giving up & snuggling.

Z has figured out how to get the pennies out of my change jar.  It's a gallon size glass jug that he dumps over on the rug.  Of corse, it woke A up, & they both rushed to their rooms to put the money in their piggy banks.

A was still pretty sleepy.

We finished off the night with some hot dogs & mac 'n cheese.  Overall, it was a pretty nice weekend.


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