Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just a Little Nugget For You

I know, I know...  I need to get better at keeping up with things.

We've been in "Merry Christmas time" overload around here.  We pretty much glazed over Thanksgiving this year, & got right to the good stuff.  We didn't even do a turkey.  Instead, T smoked an awesome brisket.  I'll get to our Christmas activities another day.  This post is really just to share a random crapy ironic moment from our morning.

So, we were having a rough morning with Z.  No surprise there.  He was whining, & we were running a little behind for school.  We finally get the tears to stop, & got both kids in the car, only to have A poop once I strapped her into her seat.  T pointed out her "poopy face," & I could smell it right away.  I said, "You have got to be kidding me."  Then the Christmas music playing on the radio responded loudly, "These wonderful things are the things we'll remember all through our lives!"  Well played radio, well played.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trick-or-Treat, Smell My Feet

Halloween was a lot of fun around these parts.  Z picked out his costume idea in early September, & has been talking about it ever since.  While the costumes were fun, what he was really excited about was the candy.  We were a little worried about Sandy raining out our trick-or-treating, but everything was cleared up in plenty of time.

Z decided that he would be Peter Pan this year, & was very adamant that A be Tinker Bell.  Thankfully, she agreed.  I actually finished their costumes with time to spare, & even had time to make coordinating treat bags.

I put a pair of A's leggings on Z, & told him they were "super special Peter Pan pants."  His response was, "Oh, wow! Cool! Awesome!"  Got to love the a three year old.

His favorite part was the dagger.  He wanted T to be Captain Hook so badly.  Even though that was a no go, they still had plenty of sword fights together.

I dressed up as Mr. Smee for the day.  It's always fun to be a pirate.

A & I got to meet up with our friends at Zoo Tales which is always a good time.

Here are the finished treat bags.  A has a pretty flower, & Z's bag is very Legend of Zelda.

Josie got lots of lovins throughout the day.

Here they are ready to head out.

They did so well.  We ended up going to three times as many houses as planned.  It was a blast.

The pups even got in on the costume action.  I made them kissing booths.  They didn't make it out of the house this year, though.

It was a very fitting costume.

A thinks that jammie time should be preceded with an hour of naked time.  I'm pretty sure it's her favorite time of the day.


Sandy Cheeks

So, I know Sandy hit some people up north pretty hard, but by us it was kind of a joke.  There was a ton of hype, & not much damage.  I'm not saying that people weren't affected by it.  There was some flooding, power outages, & a pier was damaged.  But overall, it was nothing compared to what they kept saying was coming.  This is what our front yard looked like the whole time.

We tried to have some fun while we waited out the storm.  The streamers were fun to run through.

Here is the aftermath of the storm.  A LOT of acorns fell.  I hate acorns.

We did have a hippo watering can get buried alive.

This was halfway through my back yard cleanup.  I'd like to be able to say that my patio is always this clean.

The acorns were so thick that I had to use a dirt rake.  I hate acorns.

After I raked up all of the acorns (have I mentioned, I hate acorns?), Z  tripped in a freshly exposed doggie hole, & ate it pretty hard on the steps.  Poor guy had a bruise for a week.

We're very thankful that we didn't get hit harder.  We were very fortunate.


Two More Weeks of Crazy

Who's down for another photo dump?  Well, if you're not, then tough luck, because here's two more weeks crammed into one post.

This is "little lamb."  Z sleeps with him every night.


More love.

Even more love.

DADA IS HOME!  And, he brought home shirts.  Always a good thing.

Way overdue haircut.

He spent the entire time spraying T in the face with the squirt bottle.

Time for a victory smoothie.

Cupcake time!

This was wishful thinking.  Maybe someday soon...

She was a little too excited about it.

Mrs. Potato Head.

She cried until I put these on her.

Such a goose.

Auntie J sent stickers!

Z's finished work.

He then decided to practice writing his name.  That E has a lot of arms.

Nothing like Dada snuggles.

Hot Dada.  Just saying.

Winter coats means Z needs to channel his inner 80's pop star, & have a dance party on the front porch.  I love the faces they make.

Of all the snow boots in the world, A picked the most gaudy princess ones she could find.

Turkey hat fun at Target.

Z is such a sweet brother.

Fun with T's helmet & case.

I love bedtime stories.

These next two were not staged.  They were actually both doing it on their own.

A calls them her "pretties."  Tell me this is not the cutest thing you have ever seen.

He still thinks she's a baby.

Apparently, this is a magic drawer that makes legs disappear.

Woke up to this.

Christmas card preview.

He cut a chunk of hair at school.

I went to the bathroom, & came out to this cuteness.

Got some beautiful roses for my birthday!!

Made A her Christmas dress.

You turn your head for one minute...

Spent my birthday weekend at "Uncle Max's" house.  Z is obsessed.  He told me he was sitting just like "Unca Max" does.

We also got to see a lot of old friends, & had a blast.  By happy coincidence, we were in town at the same time as the Lowe's.  So, of corse that means we went to El Toro Bravo.  This was their small margarita...