Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Whole Lot of Crazy

Sorry I've been MIA for awhile.  T being gone for a month really caught up with me.  So, without further ado, here is just two weeks worth of crazy crammed into one post.  Brace yourself...

We start out with an A picture fest.

Looking cute before school.

Got a package from Gigi & Pa.

Zoo Tales with Anne.

My hippie child.

Stink eye flash.


Blowing raspberries.

Cool kid club (you only wish you were a member).

Z wore his buzz goggles to the zoo.

Potty training (not really).

Just one of the pups.

A tripped in the hallway, & got a fat lip.  She also chipped her front tooth.

Babies, babies, & more babies.

New winter coat.  He keeps begging for snow, & asking, "Is it merry Christmas time yet?"

He's a colander on the head away from being called Frankenstein (Big Daddy reference).

We had a mystery smell coming from the playroom.

Took me two weeks of cleaning before I found the pediasure in the sink of the play kitchen.

Got a fun surprise from our favorite friends that saved me from loosing it after finding the root of the mystery smell.

The start of trouble at bedtime.

A throwing dog food all over the room.

This will make any bad day fun.  Thank you Pintrest.

Z helped me build some stuff in the back yard.  And, by help, I mean he drew on everything.

Safety glasses were involved.

The girls helped themselves to snacks at Zoo Tales.

We went to Bergey's Bread Basket to pick pumpkins, but the patch was closed.  So, we did the petting zoo there instead.

A would not go near any of the animals.

Z was brave enough to feed the cows.  He loved it, & would laugh so hard every time they licked his hand.


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