Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sandy Cheeks

So, I know Sandy hit some people up north pretty hard, but by us it was kind of a joke.  There was a ton of hype, & not much damage.  I'm not saying that people weren't affected by it.  There was some flooding, power outages, & a pier was damaged.  But overall, it was nothing compared to what they kept saying was coming.  This is what our front yard looked like the whole time.

We tried to have some fun while we waited out the storm.  The streamers were fun to run through.

Here is the aftermath of the storm.  A LOT of acorns fell.  I hate acorns.

We did have a hippo watering can get buried alive.

This was halfway through my back yard cleanup.  I'd like to be able to say that my patio is always this clean.

The acorns were so thick that I had to use a dirt rake.  I hate acorns.

After I raked up all of the acorns (have I mentioned, I hate acorns?), Z  tripped in a freshly exposed doggie hole, & ate it pretty hard on the steps.  Poor guy had a bruise for a week.

We're very thankful that we didn't get hit harder.  We were very fortunate.


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