Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trick-or-Treat, Smell My Feet

Halloween was a lot of fun around these parts.  Z picked out his costume idea in early September, & has been talking about it ever since.  While the costumes were fun, what he was really excited about was the candy.  We were a little worried about Sandy raining out our trick-or-treating, but everything was cleared up in plenty of time.

Z decided that he would be Peter Pan this year, & was very adamant that A be Tinker Bell.  Thankfully, she agreed.  I actually finished their costumes with time to spare, & even had time to make coordinating treat bags.

I put a pair of A's leggings on Z, & told him they were "super special Peter Pan pants."  His response was, "Oh, wow! Cool! Awesome!"  Got to love the a three year old.

His favorite part was the dagger.  He wanted T to be Captain Hook so badly.  Even though that was a no go, they still had plenty of sword fights together.

I dressed up as Mr. Smee for the day.  It's always fun to be a pirate.

A & I got to meet up with our friends at Zoo Tales which is always a good time.

Here are the finished treat bags.  A has a pretty flower, & Z's bag is very Legend of Zelda.

Josie got lots of lovins throughout the day.

Here they are ready to head out.

They did so well.  We ended up going to three times as many houses as planned.  It was a blast.

The pups even got in on the costume action.  I made them kissing booths.  They didn't make it out of the house this year, though.

It was a very fitting costume.

A thinks that jammie time should be preceded with an hour of naked time.  I'm pretty sure it's her favorite time of the day.


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  1. So glad that we got to see A. in her adorable costume that day! Love that Zeke liked the leggings. :)