Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Two More Weeks of Crazy

Who's down for another photo dump?  Well, if you're not, then tough luck, because here's two more weeks crammed into one post.

This is "little lamb."  Z sleeps with him every night.


More love.

Even more love.

DADA IS HOME!  And, he brought home shirts.  Always a good thing.

Way overdue haircut.

He spent the entire time spraying T in the face with the squirt bottle.

Time for a victory smoothie.

Cupcake time!

This was wishful thinking.  Maybe someday soon...

She was a little too excited about it.

Mrs. Potato Head.

She cried until I put these on her.

Such a goose.

Auntie J sent stickers!

Z's finished work.

He then decided to practice writing his name.  That E has a lot of arms.

Nothing like Dada snuggles.

Hot Dada.  Just saying.

Winter coats means Z needs to channel his inner 80's pop star, & have a dance party on the front porch.  I love the faces they make.

Of all the snow boots in the world, A picked the most gaudy princess ones she could find.

Turkey hat fun at Target.

Z is such a sweet brother.

Fun with T's helmet & case.

I love bedtime stories.

These next two were not staged.  They were actually both doing it on their own.

A calls them her "pretties."  Tell me this is not the cutest thing you have ever seen.

He still thinks she's a baby.

Apparently, this is a magic drawer that makes legs disappear.

Woke up to this.

Christmas card preview.

He cut a chunk of hair at school.

I went to the bathroom, & came out to this cuteness.

Got some beautiful roses for my birthday!!

Made A her Christmas dress.

You turn your head for one minute...

Spent my birthday weekend at "Uncle Max's" house.  Z is obsessed.  He told me he was sitting just like "Unca Max" does.

We also got to see a lot of old friends, & had a blast.  By happy coincidence, we were in town at the same time as the Lowe's.  So, of corse that means we went to El Toro Bravo.  This was their small margarita...


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