Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Slacking

It seems that life has caught up with me.  December was jam packed with Christmas activities that kept us very busy.  Followed by a trip home to St. Louis to visit family.  Since coming home, we've been deep cleaning the house, rearranging some furniture, & painting some rooms.

Two weeks ago, we were all knocked on our butts by a pretty nasty cold.  Somehow, it always works out that T is out of town or busy at work when the rest of us get sick.  He promptly had to go to DC the first day Z was home from school.  Poor guy had to leave for a week, & still got sick.  Thankfully, we don't get sick very often.

Funny enough, as I type that, Z is home sick again today.  They had a pink eye outbreak at school.  Kids were dropping like flies.  Z was one of three kids sent home yesterday; on top of the other four who were already out.  We had our third ever non-wellness doctor visit.  Of course, this whole pink eye mess would land on the day that T had to be at work all night.

On top of a pitiful little boy who needed eye drops, A had to get caught up on her shots due to the appointment we missed during our sick week.  So, today is a lazy movie day.  I'm hoping to use my time wisely, & get my pictures in order.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll actually get things updated on here.  Maybe...

I'll leave you with a glimpse oh how we spent our night.

Z looks like a kid from one of those heart wrenching sponsor a kid commercials.

So sad.  He's doing much better today, though.